Makeup Is Allowed In Beauty Pageants Yet Steroids Aren’t Allowed In Sports

I want to visit a natural beauty pageant. Absolutely no makeup or plastic surgery allowed. That could be worth seeing actually, as opposed to the airbrushed phonies they have now practically. I wish to see anything goes Olympics with drugs, genetic cyborgs, and engineering. The second option seems depressing rather.

That would just be a pageant. On the flip side, I wish to see steroid leagues. Allow any form of body development, really allow players to drive the limitations of the individual’s body’s capabilities. Consider just what a game like this would look like. So, a genetics pageant? Makeup doesn’t symbolize a health risk.

I would want to notice that. If anything, natural splendor ruins pageants, and so forth, because it offers others an unfair edge. It would still be a show comprising identically slender women with stapled-on smiles that can’t mention other things than world peacefulness. They would have to judge contestants on the personality. A similar idea is like to see. A car race with no superior cars. A genuine “stock car” race.

We want to be a realtor of change and the tone of voice of our oceans. Q: You’ve also designed the crown Miss Scuba. Please, tell us about this. A: I am a musician by soul and I got to design and conceptualize the crown of Miss Scuba Philippines. I designed it as a representation of the magic and beauty of the Philippine oceans.

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But the actual crown was executed by my crown designer Manny Halasan. It really is made up of rhinestones, accentuated with genuine fresh normal water pearls. Q: What is the status of Philippine oceans? So how does it compare to others? A: Philippines is an archipelago is blessed with many breathtaking sights and top dive sites.

We are situated at the epicenter of the coral triangle, i.e. the guts of the center of the world’s richest biodiversity. However, sea conservation remains to be always a problem up to this day. In every dive I’ve done, I’ve seen and collected plastic trash, evident coral bleaching, damaged reefs, runoffs, and unregulated tourism. We could among the list of the world’s biggest ocean plastic dumper. This is not merely an economic problem but a global problem that calls for a direct action/solution. But there is the perfect time to slow this destruction through our collaborative initiatives still.

Q: What would you like to tell sea travelers and travelers? A: I’ve a complete lot to say. Of all First, if we love the ocean, it should be safeguarded by us from whatever may damage it. Let us enjoy the beach with love and respect. 1. Be a responsible traveler. Switch to eco-friendly alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint. 2. Please, please, please mind your trash. Carry it as you leave and grab any garbage that the thing is that. 3. Usually do not harm any marine creatures and do not step on the corals. 4. Employ a coral-friendly/reef-safe sunscreen. Check if the materials list does not contain oxybenzone which is a powerful chemical that can harm or eliminate corals. 5. Follow the guidelines and polices of a place and become culturally delicate with folks.

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