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Bureau of Labor Statistics report, stating that the overall economy added 252, in December 000 jobs, a drop from November’s 321,000 but in collection with the recent pace still. The state unemployment number (U3) rate fell to 5.6%, the lowest it’s been since W’s administration. Yet everybody knows that the real unemployment is higher than the U3; it generally does not count individuals who have dropped off unemployment or who have “given up looking”.

5.6% is optimistic news, the Dow dropped and shrugged 170 points. The year Because the start of, the Dow dropped most of December’s gains and then promptly regained them, finally settling out around where it was at the start of December. The currency markets are incredibly sensitive to the Federal Reserve’s money wrangling, because the inflow folks money is driving it. A fresh force has moved into the picture, though, foreign investment in the American equities marketplaces. Equities markets in other countries are doing and our stock market can be regarded as safer badly, better investments.

18.1 Trillion nationwide debt, however the other countries’ troubles are worse – or as I like to place it: the US is minimal disgusting female at the dance. With all these positive signs Even, it’s not too hard to find things that make you a bit less sanguine. 40s is having a direct effect on all makers. 181 for Libya. Per barrel. 47.55 as I type this.

This is absolutely wonderful for you and I but it doesn’t look quite as good from the global geopolitical balance view. 100/bbl): it has the potential to crash a lot of the financial sector in this country. Go read Jim Rickards’ article linked there for some good examples of how this may play out. Through the derivative agreement losing now moves to the bank or investment company. It’s not the oil company that suffers the loss, it’s the lender.

This is the situation with the global financial system today – you never know where the risks find yourself. That risk might maintain your 401k or other pension account just, if you bought the right investment vehicle. And there’s more. Russia has been reported to have bought hundreds of tons of yellow metal this past year. It’s no secret they want to end the dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.

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Their agreements with the BRIC countries and especially China never to trade in dollars are well known. We know, for example, that a few times in 2013, China bought the equivalent of each and every ounce of precious metal produced in the world, while our Federal Reserve clings to their Keynesian chat of gold as a “barbaric relic”. Enables you to wonder which side understands something and that aspect is wrong. Just what exactly do we make of the economy?

It’s hard to say. It isn’t in the collapse, but it sure isn’t as rosy as the “thrill up my lower leg” media could have you think. It’s a cliche that enough time to buy into a crashed bear market is when there’s a (metaphorical) blood in the streets and many people are at their total most pessimistic.