How Do You HALLU?

The industry-first shower bombs spin, releasing swirls of color that strengthen the feeling each collection embodies, whether you identify as a Unicorn, Fairy or Mermaid. And if you are a Gnome, that bath bomb includes a surprise inside – a pumice stone perfect for removing callused skin. Unique to the bath category, discover new, innovative ways to reinvigorate boring epidermis. From a dry scrub infused with coffee to individual glucose scrub cubes, the collections provide a variety of scrubs that are well suited for the bath or shower to exfoliate while also moisturizing pores and skin.

And the scrub & body butter pubs may appear to be traditional club soap, but in fact in addition they exfoliate skin and offer a dual dosage of moisture with cocoa and shea butter, departing skin fresh and radiant. The bars are artisan poured, contain 95 percent naturally-derived ingredients, and come in convenient, TSA-compliant packaging, making for quick and convenient packaging for your gym or suitcase bag.

The body mists come in custom-designed bottles, offering fun declaration pieces for the vanity. The lotions are available in unique forms – including an innovative squirt foam – to provide quick, easy, and even coverage. Michelle Hanson, Director of Marketing at The Village Company, parent company for the HALLU brand.

  • Enhances gold shows
  • Using a large amount of sunscreen and reapplying it frequently (every 2-3 3 hours)
  • Elizabeth or Katherine
  • Drink warm ginger +turmeric to assist with the acne swelling
  • 1 tbsp special almond oil
  • Hair dye powders (2 tones)

Run free with the five-piece purifying HALLU Unicorn bath and body collection. Highlighting playful, rainbow-inspired colors and unique product packaging, the Unicorn Beach scent features radiating juicy records of mango, peach, raspberry, and tangerine that are balanced by jasmine blossoms and yellowish freesia with undertones of precious woods and tranquil vanilla.

Begin an enchanted escape with the Unicorn Bath Bomb, a floating bath bomb that releases swirls of blue and red as it bubbles and spins, transforming the water into a mystical purple spa-raise. Next, up with the Rainbow Glucose Scrub freshen, which consists of natural honey and sugar to gently exfoliate the skin, and increased hip essential oil and coconut essential oil to soften and moisturize. The sugar scrub will come in convenient, multi-colored single-use cubes, ideal for use in the tub or the shower.

Try the Scrub & Body Butter Bar. The long-lasting, 2-in-1-hydrating and exfoliating body pub contains coconut essential oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, blueberry seeds, and sea sodium that, when mixed, offer magical-like capabilities that leave epidermis clean, soft, and dewy. No free-spirited Unicorn change is complete without Foam Body and Lotion Mist. Rich in Vitamin E for glowing, beautiful skin, the Foam Lotion is a unique mousse body cream with a cloud-like consistency that spreads for maximum dampness evenly.

Packaged in a unicorn horse-shaped bottle, the Unicorn Beach Body Mist consists of a dusting of magical silver mica that can be used on the body, clothing, and hair. Buying little mystery? Set a course for spa-venture with the Mermaid Bath Bomb, a floating orb formulated with shea butter for added moisture that releases swirls of green and turquoise blue as it bubbles and spins, changing water into a rich, tropical lagoon. Give deceased skin the clean off with the Mermaid Scrub.