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Episode 3 of my “Speck of Gold” feature is on the Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturiser. Jergens is a brand that originated in america taken to the Australian market mainly, especially observed in Priceline stores. It is a skincare company that is famous for their moisturiser collection, but they also look after every inch of your system, from your feet to the hands.

This includes tanning products, cleansers, moisturisers, hands creams and so forth. Of day They have produced products for all those skin types for any time, for all age range. My skin has a new friend. Quite a while friend! The Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturiser has been a great addition to my skincare routine. It has replaced most of the drugstore moisturisers on my nightstand and I’ve not even looked back. It can everything you need in a moisturiser and more! The best thing about this product isn’t just its performance on the skin, but its price point!

Getting even and healthy hasn’t been easier! This moisturiser is most beneficial to be utilized on the body where it can fix and repair durable dryness on the skin. It is great for dry areas like the heels especially, elbows, and knees. Personally, i suffer my dried out epidermis on my elbows, the palm of my hands, my ft and my legs and I have already been helped by the product overcome the dryness.

This day moisturiser claims to repair, heal and nourish the driest of skin and help bring forth noticeable luminosity and good health to your skin. It feels just like some other moisturiser when released from the pump. It is lightweight after you apply an adequate amount onto the skin quite.

  1. Reduce puffiness throughout the eyes
  2. 5 years back from Northern Ireland
  3. 221 Soft Crease (7.80 Euro/$11.15AUD) and 227 Soft Definer (7.80 Euro/$11.15AUD)
  4. Apply Rehab to the low lash range from the within corner and blend it in to the Bellbottom
  5. Being more generous to myself
  6. Put 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a bowl
  7. Mineral Powder
  8. Oily skin is usually bright

It comes out as a white opaque liquid and becomes clear when rubbed into the skin. It absorbs rapidly after spending a few momemts working the product. After the product has absorbed into the skin, you’ll only spot the product on your skin whether it’s on your hands because of the slight slip residue.

Other than that, you wouldn’t notice it in any way. It feels excellent on the skin and has a gentle smell. Looking at the “before” demonstration above, my pores and skin was dry and flakey on the hands of my hands quite. It was the same on my legs and my elbows, as well. Nothing could help my skin for long-term at an affordable price really. I didn’t want to constantly buy expensive products, knowing that I can buy something from the drugstore that can do the same. But it’s a struggle!

Because you will not find it in the ocean of brands. I am constantly testing out services and nothing at all did the secret for the longer period of time. At the drugstore, you would have hits and misses and by that time, you would have wasted your cash, where it might has been spent by you on the right luxury brand.