What Lola Wants

It’s been a minute, Dudes. If there is anyone out there still reading, let me complete you in. My little family changed back to Florida in January. It was and is also, great to be in house with our family and friends. But after our return soon, my wonderful stepdad, Mike, got sick, in Apr and passed away. He was this awesome man, and he could be have missed by us so quite definitely.

My mother was diagnosed with dementia in February, and I have become her part-time caregiver. It’s been a big adjustment for her, but she actually is doing great. Her health care professional today refereed to her as a “rock star”. She’s such a strong, positive person. It’s a tough road to walk with her, but I am established to do my best to make her life as joyous as is possible.

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My rad girl Sophie is doing well in pre-school and will begin kindergarten next year. My hubby Aron has found an operating job, and we are still running Twisted Heroes and Lola Rocks clothing. Time will rate right along. Well, I still love the fashion, makeup, cult television set shows, and pinup. Weekly to hang out with my mommy But I am also commuting 4 times, trying to run our businesses, and almost all of all be considered a good mother, partner, and friend.

Blogging is (obviously) no more a major concern for me. But, it’s something I keep returning to, 8 years into it even. I like to write, and I like to share fashion, beauty, art, slices of life, and randomness that define my world. I understand blogging has fallen right out of fashion somewhat, and I’m totally fine recover. It doesn’t need to be about reviews, or partnerships, or monetizing this space.

It can be simply for me, and if you want to come along for the trip, that rocks!, too. One of our first outings to marvelous Vilano Beach back again. Excursion to the Alligator Farm in February. Mother’s Day sushi hunting with my Mom. Isabella Rossellini and Kyle MacLachlan at David’s Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in Brooklyn. That day My head was blown!

Blue Velvet. I’ll be composing a post on this rad event soon. Misti, Shawna, and me at the Violent Femmes/Echo and the Bunnymen show in St Augustine. Much beer, dancing, and Ubering occurred that nights! An evening of spontaneous fun It was, and I felt young for the very first time in a very long while. It was a much-needed night with my ladies!