Philippine Star CEBU, Philippines – Despite lots of business spaces now made available around the city, the advancement of the internet has made online selling the fast-growing development available community now. This is due to the free advertising no need to pay for space rentals said Tina Tan, an online business seller who sells ready-to-wear clothes and accessories through the net.

Tan said that conducting business online is becoming extremely popular and because the budding of interpersonal networking sites, it makes their careers easier and provides them a chance to have a wider market. According to Tan, the business through online is super easy especially for those that have other activities to do like students like her.

She said that all they need to do is add as many contacts as they can, ideally people they know in order that they would not be scammed, and they have instant customers immediately. Vergara said that there are so many small business players that are employing the net right now for their businesses however the competition will not worry her to get the same types of products like RTW’s, accessories, and toys. She said that just like any kind of business, it depends on the marketing strategy of the web-shop owner. But according to some like Armida Aguilar, a college student, the pictures are not enough on her behalf to buy a product online.

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  • I. Sissalem, Jerusalem through the Generations, PA TV, 21 December 2004
  • ECON 1150 Macroeconomics, 3 credit hours
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  • They could invest more in marketing their businesses

In the curves partly IV the 2006 and the 2007 curves were accelerating from 2000 curves. They didn’t look bounded at any multiple of the 2000 curve that I possibly could get more comfortable with. I knew defaults would continue steadily to get worse for some time because there is a big build-up in the delinquency buckets and delinquency is a precursor to default.

What would make me confident (and believe me I was not assured) was a deceleration in the pace things were getting worse. I had been thinking about the “second derivative”. For a while (up to about April) the next derivatives all looked good. Briefly the second derivative of the total delinquency looked bad (as reported in Fannie’s monthly data) and that really rattled me.

I published that here. That data-point was – as it happens – an exception to the overall trend. Only lately there were a few bad data factors (for example the recently reported rise in early-stage delinquencies at Capital One Financial recommending a “W shaped” recovery). With anything that appears like a W formed recovery this model could be wrong.

For instance we could have another big leg down in either property prices or the economy. The info does not support that second leg down but that may change generally. THE ADMINISTRATIVE CENTRE One numbers have given me pause. But more we are making predictions which are eventually just guesses generally.

I hope I’ve convinced you that they are educated and logical guesses. There were a few objections (mostly in email) that suggest that I assume away a lot of the dross in the conventional Fannie and Freddie books. Is one email from “bob” Here, a home-loan market professional. Fannie & Freddie’s reserve of traditional business is solid stuff.

One must really question that. What about the 100 LTV loans made to borrowers with 570 credit scores and 67 DTI? What of the 90 & 95 LTV Interest Only lending options made to flippers? What of the 90 LTV Stated Income loans (many designed to flippers)? What about the LTV’s being predicated on stretched and hyped appraisals? Think about the home loan company “art departments” which cranked out custom W-2’s and pay stubs to record loan files with?

What about all the high LTV loans designed to people with 50% DTI and no money in their checking accounts? And how do you square it all with a huge and growing percentage of mortgaged homeowners who are underwater- far too many of whom are (or soon will be) unemployed or making considerably significantly less than what these were?