The Farther Backward YOU ARE ABLE TO Look

The further backward you can look, the further forward you can see. The SGML technical committee developed standard tagging and standardized themes for document use and interchange. Web development teams latched on to the SGML concepts to enable transfer of content from the net server to the web browser. Likewise, those wanting to easily interlink items were looking for standardizing the user interface and its description. The result of this process research was XML. The application of this standard to items creates Web Service style Service Components. 3. They have interfaces sticking with the XML standard.

Having a great many Web Services is goodness, but it could turn the Internet into the electronic equivalent of a big library with no card catalog. The W3C and OASIS international standards organizations recognized this issue early and intended to standards to help address the problem, Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and the Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI).

These standards, numerous additional “minor” standards are converging on a solution to the “Electronic Card Catalog for Web Services” and/or the “Apps Store for Web Services”. In conclusion, initially programming was about creating code in only a small amount space as is possible. As hardware increased in power (according to Moore’s Law), programming and its supporting tools focused on creating more cost effiecent code, that is, code that is easily to develop and maintain.

This resulted in the paradigm change of Object Oriented Development, which began to create code that enabled and supported particular process functions and activities. Altogether, this code was much more complex, requiring more CPU cycles, more memory, and more storage. Since, by the 1990s, the computing power experienced doubled and redoubled many times, this was not a problem, but linking the objects through non-standard interfaces was. The requirements of Web Services provided the answer to this interfacing issue and created certain requirements for another paradigm change. A good superb research library with an excellent automated cards catalog is of no value to anyone who does not have any idea what they want for.

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To use another analogy; my great uncle was an “inventor”. But since he didn’t which kind of mechanical invention he might want to focus on, he would go to auctions of mechanised parts–which meant that he had a shed measured room filled up with boxes of mechanical part. He didn’t know if he would ever use any of them, but he previously them in the event.

Many organization’s preliminary purchase of Service Components (Web Services) has been much like my uncle’s acquisition of mechanical parts. In addition to the paradigm change from software development (coding) to Service Component assembly, there are two major changes in programming when moving from creating Web Services to creating SOA-based Composite Applications.