The Difference Between Knowing What Is Good And Doing What Is Good..

There is a very poignant and pregnant moment in the great epic, Mahabharatha. The ‘wicked’ pushes of the Kauravas (a clan) is spearheaded by Duryodhana, the eldest son of the blind king, Dhritharashtra. Dhritarashtra proves that he is blind with techniques several as he allows his jealous yet zealous child a free of charge rein in all matters.

So lost in greed and desire is Duryodhana that even when Lord Krishna approaches him as a messenger of serenity to stay away from the war, he won’t listen to Him and makes the foolish attempt to take Him captive even. Lord Krishna then reveals His cosmic form in all its might but that is clearly a completely different story altogether. On one occasion, Duryodhana meets Lord Krishna.

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He knows that he is doing wrong all his life. He understands the divinity of Krishna also. He breaks down and confesses – “Lord! It is not that I do not know Dharma (righteousness). I am perfectly alert to it. But Lord, in spite of knowing it, I am struggling to practice it!

I know not why, and I understand that I’ll not change. I appreciated this story due to a question someone asked me last night – “Why do we not do the nice when we know the nice?” That set me considering and discussing and there was an interesting conclusion.

First, it is time to eliminate some outliers or exceptions. These outliers have been defined by the brother and wise minister of king Dhritarashtra, Vidura. He represents the different kinds of people who are unable to do the right thing even after knowing it. Once we analyze the list, you don’t have for any description of the list.

The list includes the intoxicated ones, exhausted ones, upset ones, hungry ones and afraid ones. However, there have been four categories other categories for the reason that list which struck me – greedy ones, impatient ones; desire stuffed ones and ones with an unsteady mind. Those four struck me because while the first few are people who are physically incapacitated, the last-mentioned few are people that have concerns of your brain! Everyone is a composite of the physical body, soul/heart/spirit/awareness and mind.

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