Investing in the Canadian local rental investment property may end up being among the best property investment decisions an investor can make. Because investments in residential, local rental investment property with fixed-term leases can offer investment income and secure capital returns in both bad and the good economic times. Property traders from abroad should therefore consider buying Canadian rental investment properties, which currently represent one of the very most resilient investment property classes on the market. The economic downturn and the financial crisis in the world’s major economies have wracked havoc of all property markets across the world. For example, the U.S.

U.K residential property markets have seen both sales amounts and prices fall across the marketplaces’ different segments. Moreover, with foreclosures are climbing through the roof to record highs in the United States, homeownership has been suffering from the existing casing crash negatively. While this usually benefits the demand for rental investment properties and other styles of rental housing, an increased supply of rental investment properties in America has hurt the market, leading to higher vacancy rates and countrywide falling rents.

However, Canada has had the opportunity to buck this trend, which makes its rental investment property market one of the outperformers in today’s downturn. In Canada, vacancy rates on multifamily, local rental investment properties and other styles of rental casing have been on the downtrend, while rents have been increasing. That is so because the upsurge in demand has taken place against a limited way to obtain new local rental properties. The marketplace environment that favors rental investment home owners has supported continuing rent increases.

In Canada, for most families considering homeownership, this year the rising unemployment and dropping incomes have offset the gains in casing affordability, making those grouped families opt for hiring a house instead of owning a house. Even though the gap between owning and renting a homely house has been narrowing, the adverse market conditions were employed by and only the rental property market. As a result, this season some places in Canada have seen double-digit lease raises.

This exceptional rent performance makes Canada’s rental investment property one of the world’s best investment property classes and Canada one of the best locations to make rental property investments. On the other hand, during the good financial times even, when work and income are growing, and consequently more households choose for homeownership, owning a rental investment property in Canada still actually is a good investment. Therefore, notwithstanding the state of the economy, when the way to obtain new rental properties to the market is kept under control, rental investment properties in Canada may prove to be quite a lucrative investment venture.

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If you’re international investor thinking of buying an investment property overseas, Canada’s investment property market could be the right place for your investment. Canada’s investment property market has the balance and development potential that produce property investments in Canada highly desired. The Canadian investment property market also features optimum level of market transparency, which boosts confidence of foreigners buying investment properties abroad and attracts these to the safety and stability of the Canadian investment property market.

Canada’s investment property market has the highest degree of transparency in the world. In its latest bi-annual Global Real Estate Transparency Index, a worldwide commercial real estate services company, Jones Lang LaSalle, ranked Canada’s investment property market the world’s most transparent market for real estate investment. Canada has risen to the top spot from the sooner fourth position one of many clearer countries in terms of real property marketplaces. This shows that among some 82 marketplaces worldwide, Canada’s investment property market shows the highest level of transparency in terms of the legal framework for buying real property, cross-border capital moves, market fundamentals, listed vehicles, and purchase processes.