Janelle’s Work Diary

I hope you men don’t brain me share a little of the excitement I have. There are so many changes arriving my way and I am ecstatic and anxious at the same time for everything. There are always a couple of business ventures which I am cooking up at this time and I hope you all can check it out once it is up and running.

I will be keeping you published on every step of my way with these projects. I will get into additional information once my plan is more concrete. Let’s talk about our OOTD. In my defense, I paired this chiffon pant with a turtle neck, the only winter appropriate item in this look (haha). I just really couldn’t resist (just how I could withstand my yummy key lime pie)! Many thanks all for reading and reason my picture as this is taken by my ridiculous brother while I was devouring a cut of key lime pie.

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  • Reduces fatigue and provides restful rest

The global financial meltdown of 2007-2009, however, rewrote the guidelines about recessions. Many economists are now saying that there surely is no longer any such thing as a recession-proof business. So what might those be? Here are some examples, in no particular order, you start with three items that are guaranteed to cause you to feel better.

As busy business owners, leaders, and professionals (often with lives of work, volunteer, and family), it can be challenging to prioritize much less actually follow through when it comes to truly caring for yourself. Sometimes this topic is blown off as a fluffy, feminine issue. However, while men don’t often get manicures or pedicures or schedule espresso chats with friends, both women and men both need to ensure they are resting and restoring their own energy. This is taking care of themselves. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we put ourselves in a position of increased vulnerability to stress resulting in reduced emotional management and a highway to burn out.

While our self-care activities might not hit our top 10 list for today’s priorities, its about time to start adding them to your list! Before a list is manufactured by us of “ideals,” you shall need to understand what self-care means for you. For a long time my relatives and buddies have chided me for burning the candle at both ends and having to take care of myself. At times it was hard to understand what they supposed.

I knew I was busy, but I used to be doing things that were important if you ask me, that I enjoyed, which I found energy and space for. My family and friends would say space at the expense of my downtime, but sometimes I felt confused about what was I saying to be doing. I couldn’t see just sitting down at home reading a book for 3 hours, or even a single hour, day to go for a hike while still trying to do the hobbies I enjoyed or taking a whole.