How To BUILD A Website

Think of a concept for your new website. If you already know what you would like to make your website about, skip this step. Try not to “duplicate” other’s ideas. Develop a website with a topic that you highly to love. Identify your market. What kinds of people would each of your website ideas provide? Some websites, like Yahoo or Google, are as general as it gets, while other sites, like Weebles, serve a very specific bunch.

Write down the target market next to each of the ideas on your list. Conduct market research–Who is your audience? What do they are doing? How old are they? What are their other interests? All of this given information can help you make your website more useful to you. Do keyword research to determine if other people are searching for your topics and find out more about your potential clients.

There are extensive free keyword tools to help you get more information about your subject. You need to find keywords that are in demand (people are looking for it) yet involve some potential for finding your site. Such as a site on web hosting is too broad of a subject.

Forum web hosting is a little better (narrower) subject. Find out your commitment. How much cash and time do you want to place into your website? If you want to create an everlasting e-business, you would have to invest lots of money and time. Understand that if you are making a content site you have to invest less money and less investment.

Content sites will require less investment, but you’ll face more competition also, since anyone can start a content site. To make money from this type or kind of site, you provide information and generate income from the traffic you obtain through advertising. The trick also will be to ‘spin’ your content and use specific keywords to narrow down your subject and write high quality content aimed to specific folks searching for those specific keywords. E-commerce sites, which sell products, will require more maintenance and attention.

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You will also need to think about the delivery, sales, order form security, inventory updates, and everything that a person with an offline storefront would need to manage. You can even sell other people’s products, which will let you make money without investing in any products or worrying about shipping. Narrow down your list. Which ideas stand to make the most earnings?

Which ideas require the most commitment? Which ideas look like they’d be fun to pursue? You’ll be spending time focusing on your website, so choose the idea you are most passionate about (that is also profitable and practical for you). Register your domain name. Find a domain name that is simple to remember and spell, if you are using domains ending with .com, you will finish up with more traffic.