Innisfree It’s Real Sheet Mask

I will post about the Innisfree It’s Real Sheet Mask from Innisfree. I needed to post this acquired an experience that when i strolled into Innisfree because, I wanted to buy the sheet masks as souvenir for my friends since there’s no Innisfree in Malaysia. However, once i ask the sales associate about the function of each sheet masks, she said it’s all moisturizing mask .

I was like WHAT ? No real way it could all be moisturizing. And she said actually everyone got it as souvenir so nobody cares the function. I used to be shouting I care in my own mind but I trust her 😛 . This is just my little experience maybe the sales helper that aided me is a newbie and she is unfamiliar with all their products yet.

Cucumber sheet cover up- very moisturizing and refreshing feeling to relaxed your skin layer. Lemon lime mask- Ultra-concentrated supplement C in lemon can make dull pores and skin becomes white. Bamboo mask-Super moisturizing and brighten your skin layer color. Olive mask-Deeply moisturizing the skin and provide adequate nutrients and water. Rice mask- Rice is abundant with nutrients that allow skin becomes brighter and more alive. Golden Kiwi face mask – Kiwi that abundant with vitamin C, supply the skin vitality, which can brighten the tone.

Manuka honey cover up- Manuka honey is abundant with minerals and nutrition, provide nourishment and moisturizing your skin. Acai berry mask- Acai berry has superior anti-oxidant effects to protect from exterior stimuli and make the skin healthier, so that the epidermis becomes whiter brighter. Tea tree cover up- Designed for problem skin.

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Contains tea tree extracts that have anti-inflammatory effects to remove the scars and solve the acne troubles. Shea butter cover up- Shea butter is to gives nourishment and dampness to the rough and dry skin, helps to form a defensive film on the skin, let the skin to wear a lasting moisturizing cover up. Aloe Vera face mask- Relax tense skin and relaxed your skin. Pomegranate mask- Pomegranate is rich in vitamin K, vitamin K helps the absorption of collagen in your skin and the skin shall becomes more flexible and moist. Red cabbage mask- Cabbage is rich in minerals and vitamins , protect your skin from external stimuli , relieve fatigue, calm the skin and strengthens the skin’s immune system. Green tea face mask- Green tea extract leaves from Jeju island can replenishment your skin with water, calm the skin. Every pore of the skin can be deeply moisturizes. Provide your skin higher nutrition and higher elasticity.

Use the tips in this article to lead you on your path to beautiful, clear skin. Improving your skin layer is a commitment you must make. Stress is another key factor in acne, so try to relax, have a good time, and exercise to keep the stress level low. Getting overwrought about each blemish could make them worse.