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Are our exegetical conclusions demonstrable by reason and evidence, or is this an charm to blind authority? 9.Likewise, is our theology produced from revelation only, or something less than revelation-which is, nonetheless, accorded the same cash-value as revelation? 10.Note the deeply anti-intellectual and eventually irrational character of Armstrong’s appeal. In case of disagreement, the best a poor Protestant can do is to either have a head-count if not submit to whatever church he happens to attend tells him. Really, those are the only two options? What about a reasoned position predicated on judging which aspect places forth the best discussion because of its position? Suppose I’m undecided on whether to be Catholic or Protestant.

According to Armstrong, I could only perform a head-count. I can’t consider the respective quarrels. 11.What will it indicate to say that the Protestant beliefs is “unworkable and untenable. ” It’s been doing work for 500 century now, has it not? We’ve acquired Baptists for centuries, Lutherans for centuries, Anglicans for years and years, Presbyterians for centuries, &c.

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  • Emeralds were first mined by the Egyptians. This was way back in 3500 BC

14.His unspoken assumption throughout is that tradition is perspicuous, but Scripture is not. If that Catholic is thought by you tradition is perspicuous, just read what sort of Catholic apologist like Shawn McElhinney labors to harmonize Vatican II with the longstanding tradition that there’s no salvation beyond your Catholic church. Just take a look at all the disclaimers, all the hair-splitting distinctions between what’s fallible and infallible, formal and irreformable, definitive and non-definitive, the appeal to both sitz-im-leben and the principle of development.

15.The goal of revelation is not to eliminate division. Indeed, the purpose of revelation is, in no small measure, to instigate division (Mt 10:34-39; Lk 2:34; Jn 3:19-21; 7:40-43; 9:16; 10:19-21). Truth is a double-edged sword, uniting and dividing. That’s the wonder of debate. After an issue has been completely aired and ventilated, there’s really nothing at all more to state. The arguments and counterarguments are registered duly.

You just decide who has the better of the debate. Take the deity of Christ. Arianism is not just a live option for Evangelicals because the bottom has been so completely canvassed. Just about everyone has the quarrels for the deity of Christ. We have all the objections. And just about everyone has the counterarguments to the objections.

Guess which side received the argument? Bottom-line: the cathedral is a family group. Now maybe Dave is an only child, but in the common family, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters have been recognized to disagree with one another actually. For Armstrong and other Catholics, this is all scandalous beyond words. His prissiness reminds me of the Star Trek (Voyager) show in which the Doctor created a holodeck program of the perfect family where all was sweetness and smiles and sugarcoated comity-with nary a breath of sibling rivalry. But for those of us whose church will not occupy the digital world of a holodeck, a dash of Klingon head-butting is a sign of actuality and vitality.