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Back in the day, reading the paper on my morning commute to Manhattan was an origami-like exercise in folding and refolding. I never wondered why newspapers were printed on broadsheets that were too large for the bus. But Freek Vermeulen does. The clumsily size standard for newspapers of record peeved him.

In 2003, an English newspaper bucked the long-established standard. The battling Independent ran an experiment. It offered its paper in broadsheet and in a format fifty percent that size in a single market exactly. The smaller paper outsold the bigger by three to one. The Independent’s leaders quickly adopted the half-size version countrywide, and the paper’s print blood circulation rose 20 percent for several years yearly.

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For years we’ve all been trained that the first step to creating content that ranking is to target keywords. For years, the capability to rank saturated in SERPs appeared to rely heavily on a couple of things. First, pick keywords that are high traffic and low competition. Then, practice keyword density. That is no true much longer. In fact, Google views too high of a density as keyword stuffing, which they will punish.

Keyword research continues to be important, however the real way we have to be applying they have changed. First, SEMRush do a scholarly study of Google’s positioning factors and found keywords were pretty far down the list. The first keyword-related metric came in at 12th place. That’s well below customer engagement metrics such as time on jump and site rate.

Second, although meta tags are useful for users, they no more influence rankings. Google’s algorithm is becoming more sophisticated. It’s now smart enough that it no longer has to rely on simple keywords to tell it what your content is about. If you wish to be rank high in SERPs in 2018, you’re having to start targeting your visitors and not just keywords. Don’t be concerned. I’m heading to walk you how to get this done step-by-step. But first, let’s look at the algorithm changes which have resulted in this shift. In 2011, Google rolled out Panda that was designed to focus on and penalize sites which were producing low-quality and slim content.