Fitness 19 Application

Fitness 19 is a chain of fitness centers that offers affordable services in a family-friendly facility. An average location features basic cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, stair climbers, fixed bikes, and free weights. Founded in 2003 by veterans of the health and fitness industry, the chain is constantly on the expand to provide a fitness club model that fulfills the needs and preferences of most people. They currently have more than 100 locations in over 20 states and want to grow even more. The company is one of the best options for individuals who are searching for entry-level jobs in the health club industry.

Franchised locations may have differing compensation and benefits deal but generally, employees are entitled to paid holidays, personal time-off, health care coverage, life insurance coverage, 401(k) retirement programs, free gym membership, and employee discount rates. How old must you be to work at Fitness 19? You need to be at least 18 years old to apply at Fitness 19. The roles of fitness trainers, instructors, and nutritionists require further additional certifications from a college or accredited organizations generally.

There are many opportunities for growth and advancement at Fitness 19. Many locations provide assist with entry-level employees who want to broaden their proficiencies and find training qualifications. For individuals who exhibit exceptional qualities, there are many chances to move up and acquire significant functions in the management. Receptionist: Receptionists have to have a pastime and knowledge about health and fitness as they’ll have to be able to answer clients’ inquiries and assist them in all respects of the fitness center. Daily duties include detailing the course schedules, equipment, services, selling membership memberships, and ensuring customer satisfaction. FITNESS EXPERT: A Personal Trainer designs effective and exciting fitness routines for clients.

Primary duties also include guiding gym patrons through the workout routines and keeping them motivated throughout the span of their membership. Trainers must be in tip-top shape and also have professional qualifications with reference to physical fitness. Sales Associate: People sometimes aren’t sure if they should join a fitness club or not. Like a sales affiliate, it is your job to describe the package deals to clients and make sure they are see the benefits of joining the membership.

A Sales Associate must have a persuasive personality and dedicated attitude. Fitness Instructor: A Fitness Instructor develops customized weight loss programs and exercise sessions that meet clients’ specific needs, demonstrates the proper way of using fitness equipment, provides exercise workshops and classes, and ensures the fitness center is always clean and hazard-free. They give clients encouragement and vital health and fitness advice. Group Cycle Instructor: AN ORGANIZATION Cycle Instructor will be assigned to train participants in a separate cycling studio with Lifecycle stationary bicycles and quality audio system.

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Instructors must be able to demonstrate appropriate form and techniques, notice groups, and explain essential corrective measures to enhance each participant’s skills. Kid’s Room Attendant: Most Fitness 19 locations have a kid’s room where clients’ children stay throughout their workout. It is the responsibility of the Kid’s Room Attendant to supervise the children and ensure their basic safety at all times. This attendant may be asked to touch on some receptionist duties also. Gym Custodian: A Gym Custodian carries out general housekeeping duties such as cleaning and sanitizing fitness equipment, gym floor, locker room areas, restrooms, and all other areas of the center.

A custodian takes care of the overall sanitation of the service to ensure positive customer experience. Fitness Nutritionist: A Fitness Nutritionist evaluates their clients’ lifestyle, training timetable, eating habits, and use of medications or supplements, to be able to provide tailored nutrition programs for increasing stamina and strength. A certified nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in fitness nutrition programs is highly preferred. Assistant Manager: In the lack of the Fitness Club Manager, the Assistant Manager gets control to ensure all operations of the guts run smoothly and efficiently, and that employees play their roles to par up.

The Assistant Manager reports to the general managers in case there is any inconsistencies with business operations. Fitness Club Manager: The Club Manager is responsible for supervising all areas of the business-from sales, success, efficiency of daily functions, marketing, and customer satisfaction. The manager oversees the functions of the team members and the overall protection and maintenance of fitness equipment and the whole facility. To use at Fitness 19, candidates must take their application, along with a cover letter and other requirements, with their local membership.

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