Princess Antimony’s Makeup Castle

Some friends of mine emerged over the other day. It was a no-makeup kind of day, and I had planned on wearing only foundation. But something happened to me when I was in front of the mirror, and I developed this look. I actually used a natural red eyeshadow that day, but the concept is the same.

Just one sweep of color on the entire lid and a soft black eyeliner smudged on the bottom lash line. There’s some eyeliner on the waterline too but not too much. I topped it all off with black mascara. The color is Fairy Dust from mark. I really like this color because it’s a pleasant champagne with not too much shimmer, so that it can be used as a focus on or basics color and it combines magnificently with other colors. The eyeliner is Shiny and Big Eyeliner in Dark Espresso from Bare Escentuals. It’s a velvety brown/black that is effective when you do not want the harshness of black eyeliner but don’t want to go completely brown either.

You don’t want to have too much going on. KIWI – Some people leave your skin on these and just slice. I favor peeling them and slicing them so that the guest does not have to complete the preparation at the table. These are very and are best shown if the very last thing put onto the platter. Chop – cut in rounds thick enough to not be floppy. Skin on or off – your decision. STAR FRUIT – Similar to Kiwi, these should be cut thin but do not peel.

It is almost impossible to peel off these things. Your skin keeps their shape. They are beautiful, less colorful yet, so choose only when you have a lot of other color. BLUEBERRIES – These can be dispersed across the tops of the filler areas just. Again, a few go a long way with the presentation. MINI BANANAS – If adding these to a platter – I suggest departing them in a bunch, and placing them in a single section in leading for the screen.

I wouldn’t normally separate, as they do not separately have the overall look. STRAWBERRIES – Usually served cleaned but whole, can also be sliced in two and displayed with the flat side down to make them go farther. What Size Platter will this fit? How big is this fruit platter? Ideally, you want a platter that is approx.14 inches round. This is actually the size that I use, and it ALWAYS fills flawlessly with the size of the pineapple center and slices.

I have done it on 12 in . And 16 inch, and it does work, but it does not end up quite as perfect. They are a great size to have available in your kitchen anyway – so treat you to ultimately one. You’ll be happy you do! Everyone must have a decent platter in the cabinet, for this display, and for any party or potluck. Click on my links and I’ll LOVE You! These will be the manual assembly directions, to be completed after the fruit is prepared.

  • NODNIKS…Being down Graceland style…Single pack…Funko FORCE HB Style
  • For the facial skin, I applied a rose blush, and a shimmery highlight
  • If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine
  • It will not contain antioxidants
  • Lined Skin
  • Merrily We Roll Along

Place the Pineapple stem in the center of the Tray. Place the 5-pineapple sections (with cherries attached and sitting down on the rinds) on the holder. The bottom sides (what used to be underneath of the pineapple) in on the stem. Arrange your assorted fruits (the bulk fruits for the filler areas) – should be two or three 3 varieties – in the areas among the pineapple/cherry/rind areas. TIP -Use one section for the mini-bananas with just a few of the other fruits if using mini-bananas-see pic at top of the page. Add accents to top the filler sections – sparingly for a nice effect. Cover with plastic material cover or foil and chill until serving time.

If you do not like maraschino cherries – you can replacement for purple/red grapes. The green ones could also be used, however they against the yellowish pineapple, they’re much less vibrant. Make sure that any grapes you are employing don’t have seed products – you don’t want these to have to spit out seed products at the party.