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I had lunchtime today with people from OpenEditions, a French-posting business whose book work I’ve been admiring for a while. They’re here in NEVADA at the American Library Association Conference, hoping to get libraries interested in the 1,428 books they have on the platform. Of those 1,076 books are in a program they call “Open Access Premium”. With these written books, you can read them on the OpenEditions website free of charge and never have to register or anything.

You can even embed them into your site. So is it OpenAccess? On this premium model, the primary product that’s for sale is the usage of the downloadable ebook- whether PDF or EPUB. For libraries, a subscription allows for unlimited gain access to with IP authentication along with additional services. Creative Commons licenses, all of which enable format conversion, wouldn’t work because of this business model because the free HTML could easily be changed into EPUB and PDF.

They have their own permit, you can here read it. This is clearly not completely open, but there’s no doubt that it’s usefully open. For me, the largest problem is that if OpenEditions goes away for some reason- business, politics, natural disaster, or stupidity, then the books disappear. Similarly, if OpenEditions policies urls or change move, they could break the embed. On the plus part, OpenEditions have persuaded several normally conservative web publishers of the advantages of creating usefully open up versions of over a thousand books. It’s a step in the right path.

Things don’t usually stay covered in this manner. Objects get misplaced, lost, forgotten about, trashed, exchanged,’ Ettinger said. But the New York Post reported John Hoving, 61, and his brother, Samuel, stated Holmes didn’t supply the cane to her girl but it was her boy instead. Having said his dad, Harry S. Durand, held it in his umbrella stand in New York until he shifted and it disappeared. Pottery shards recovered from the wreck site were to be auctioned also, and a host of other nautical artifacts, including a poster from the ship’s owner, White Star Line, and a receipt from a passenger on the Titanic. Gold, pearls, and emeralds from two 1600s Spanish shipwrecks, retrieved by treasure hunter Mel Fisher, were auctioned too.

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Host David Naimon interviews some of the brightest celebrities in the writing world (including Ursula LeGuin). There are also links to Naimon’s print out interviews and stories on the website. Print out Run is a podcast created and managed by Laura Erik and Cats Hane. Its aim is simple: to really have the conversations surrounding the book and writing industries that all too often are glossed over by conventional wisdom, institutional optimism, and false seriousness. They have also created a Patron page for Print Run. Patrons get access to special episodes featuring on-air workshopping of your queries and first pages of your manuscript!

The founder of Waterstones has said he seems no guilt on the closure of 500 self-employed bookshops following the aggressive extension of his string. Sir Tim Waterstone, who founded the bookseller in 1982, informed the BBC’s Desert Island Discs that the smaller rivals ‘experienced a shot’. I didn’t feel guilty,’ he said.

I’d just have to say no, a shot was acquired by them. You are putting lives at risk! So what will a No Deal Brexit really indicate? Share ‘But what we did have was the self-confidence and a very clear offer, and a wonderful staff and a wonderful business model. Sir Tim, who no more has a stake or role in the business, added that Waterstones had initially gained success in part due to late opening hours, even opening on Sundays when the practice was still illegal.

He also revealed that the sale of the business for £47million to WH Smith in 1993 was ‘unpleasant’. Alternatively, I told myself never to feel just like that. I had been in my own young 50s and I thought, ‘To hell with it, there’s other activities I can do with my life’.

And I had been convinced by the Smiths notice, which they did absolutely honor, about the staggering amount of investment they might put into it. In 1997 Waterstones was sold again for £300m to HMV Media, which was chaired by Sir Tim. The string was obtained by Russian businessman Alexander Mamut in 2011 for £53m, in a move which kept it from collapse.