The Zone DIETS

Soup Diet – There is no solitary Cabbage Soup Diet. Many variations of this very limited diet have been around for years. Several books have noted different variations of the simple, anonymously written diet plan, which surprisingly has survived the test of time. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a strict list of what to eat every day for a week. Obviously, cabbage soup is the primary item.

A few other low-calorie foods are also on the list. You’re only supposed to execute a week at the same time. Still, because the menu is so limited, you may get bored. And because you will not make any lasting changes in your diet plan, you might go right to your old behaviors afterward back again.

The seven-day Cabbage Soup Diet program includes two daily bowls of fat-free cabbage soup and a brief list of fruits, vegetables, skim milk, and meat. The plan encourages drinking a lot of drinking water and avoiding alcoholic beverages. The cabbage soup formula varies among different variations of the diet somewhat. Nonetheless it basically includes cabbage and assorted low-calorie vegetables such as onions and tomatoes, and is flavored with onion soup mix, bouillon, and tomato juice.

The Cabbage Soup Diet has so few calories from fat that people will lose weight quickly on the week-long plan. There is nothing marvelous about cabbage or cabbage soup that fosters weight reduction. It is the low-calorie character of the diet plan that does the trick. The nagging problem is that most of the weight lost comes from fluids, not fat, and you will get it back when you start eating normally.

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There are two other big issues: boredom and not enough nutrition. First, boredom: Are you OK with eating virtually the same foods every day for weekly? More importantly, the calories on the plan are dangerously low (approximately 800-1,050) calorie consumption per day. Industry experts agree that any diet under 1,200 calorie consumption each day is unsafe unless you’re under a doctor’s treatment.

It’s almost impossible to get all the nutrients you need and satisfy food cravings in so few calorie consumption. A bottomless plate of cabbage soup, along with a restricted list of allowed foods, doesn’t give your system the nourishment you need each day. Connie Diekman, MEd, RD, director of university or college nourishment at Washington University in St. Louis. Diekman concerns that diets like the Cabbage Soup Diet keep people in the “yoyo” routine of losing and regaining weight. As an authorized dietitian, she urges people to find another plan that is balanced, varied, and includes regular physical exercise. The only positive facet of the Cabbage Soup Diet plan is that it may get people to eat more vegetables, Diekman says.