Typically WHEN WORKING WITH A Matte Shadow

The twelfth week of my seven days, one palette project presented a fascinating obstacle for me personally: this is my first week at a new job in a relatively conservative office. It happened to work out that the palette I had in rotation last week-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea-is my most neutral/light/work-appropriate palette, which was definitely appreciated. I must say, though, this wasn’t my favorite week by an extended shot in conditions of looks I created. And I don’t believe this is the palette’s fault; I think I just really don’t like conservative and work-appropriate looks.

I found myself constantly worrying if I placed on too much eyeshadow and attempted to develop down my looks as much as possible while still attempting to make use of the palette and show a deviation of looks. I’ve been debating decluttering this palette for some time and decided to use it for two weeks to make a decision really.

  1. Line your eyes with charcoal or dark gray eyeliner
  2. Crease/Lash range: Antique Bronze, Cyprus Umber and Red Ochre
  3. Shea butter (not comedogenic for me personally, but it is for some people)
  4. Choosing the best moisturizer for dried out skin
  5. Supports a healthy gut
  6. Dry cheeks
  7. Greasy cosmetics could cause acne
  8. Improve dirt in existing mattresses

Below are six looks I did last week. Look 1 had not been on a work day, but the remaining looks were worn to work. Reef on the lid, Mac PC Soft Macintosh and Dark brown Corduroy combined into the crease, Abyss cushioned onto the external corner, and Sand on the brow bone. Reef on the low lash range. Seashell on the lid, MAC Demitasse blended into the crease, MAC All Rosy padded onto the outer corner and blended into the crease, and Sand on the brow bone.

MAC All’s Rosy on the low lash series. Mermaid on the lid, Cove combined into the crease, Starfish padded onto the external corner, and Sand on the dark brown bone. Mermaid on the low lash collection. Starfish on the lid, Cove blended into the crease, Abyss cushioned onto the external corner, and Sand on the brownish bone.

Starfish on the lower lash line. Wave on the lid, Cove blended into the crease, Reef cushioned onto the external corner, and Sand on the brow bone. Wave and Abyss on the low lash range. Starfish on the lid, MAC Soft Brown and MAC All Rosy blended into the crease, MAC Embark padded onto the outer corner, and Sand on the brow bone. Reef on the lower lash collection. If there is ever a palette in my own collection that I’d keep for sentimental purposes or because I liked the packaging, it might be that one.

Luckily, I must say I love the grade of these shadows also, and it is a palette that I love. I believe it’s a perfect palette for people attempting to do looks befitting work and who are also looking to have a bit of diversity. I love the quality of these shadows really.

They remind me a lot of Ever artist shadows, that are my favorite shadow formula. They are closer to a cream, for me, than a natural powder, and are similar in nature to a foiled shadow. I have heard a great deal of people complain about the shadows in this palette, and say that they don’t deposit product well onto a clean, but I strongly feel all those complaints are credited to user error.

This is no eyeshadow formula to lightly tap a brush into it and get significant pigment. Due to the creamy nature from it, the product needs to be pushed a little with the clean within an almost scraping/digging movement. Because of the character of the formulation, the shimmers are beautiful and perform seamlessly while the mattes take a bit more effort.

Typically when using a matte shadow, I lightly dip my brush into the skillet and begin building the color gently on my lid. When I’ve tried that technique with the mattes in this palette, I have received little to no color payoff. Instead, I need to press/scrape the shadow and then pat the product that arises into my brush.