Common Access Card (CAC) Information For Home Use

The intention of this site is to work with you with installing software and that means you may use your CAC on your Windows Personal Computer. I’ve devised 5 different methods for you to utilize to set up the software. 1. Click on the Software & Install Button (second button from the left) in the row of control keys near the top of every page in the website. Once you click the Software & Install Button, follow the control keys from left to right. 4. Use the “One-Stop Shop” records page.

Please, utilize the contact page to get hold of the state help tables, ask Questions, offer Comments, Ideas, and / or Suggestions. This website was made because of having less information open to show how to utilize Common Access Card (CAC) is on COMPUTERS. MilitaryCAC has been online since 9 November 2007 and has over 121 individual webpages of information and support. I am the content provider for the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) CAC Reference Center. I am not employed by AKO, but, assist by answering emails resolved to AKO dot CAC at MilCAC dot US and keep maintaining the pages related to CAC.

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