How To CREATE Your Popcorn Hour Media Streamer, Including YAMJ Jukebox

Hello, this is helpful information to establishing your Popcorn Hour Networked Media Tank for full press streaming happiness. A Popcorn is had by me Hour C200, but this guide is wonderful for all the Popcorn Hours, including the C300, A300, A400 etc as each of them connect just as. When I started, I had an absolute nightmare getting everything set up correctly and was up for nights on end reading forums.

I’ve made a decision to distill the information I found into one article, which means you can be up and running quickly and relatively painlessly. What the popcorn hour will be play films. It can more than that, but that is its principal function. Where should I store my films? My setup has transformed throughout the time of buying my first Popcorn Hour, which was the A110. I have a home server now, with all of my films stored on the website. The Popcorn Hour is connected to the server through the router and also accessible from my desktop PC, so I can add or delete data files at will.

To set this up the very first thing you have to do is decide where you are going to store your films. There are several options. Firstly you can store your films on these devices itself with an interior hard drive connected in. This is what I did so before I got the server.

Secondly you can store the films on a computer or server and access them remotely with the Popcorn Hour and stream them. Thirdly you could have a mixture of the two and have some films on these devices itself and others stored elsewhere. The jukebox can be set in such a means as to combine all your movies into one place, so you don’t have to browse through different lists of movies / jukeboxes. I cannot say which is the most practical method for you as it depends upon how much money and storage you have.

  • Freeware Files []
  • Setup Kali Linux MATE Networking
  • Enter your website name you registered with earlier, or join a new domain name here
  • So, first download this[] and install
  • The app is approximately 46MB so it won’t take enough time to get completely installed

The more the better obviously. When you have films stored externally then you’ll have to have the computer / server turned on when you watch a film. If on the Popcorn Hour itself, then you will not, although you’ll need to have the computer on when you wish to revise the jukebox. What is a movie jukebox? The most popular way of looking at your films is to have one of the jukebox options that exist. There are several, but YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) with a skin of your choice is extremely popular and is the way I have mine set up currently.

I use the AEON epidermis, with some small adjustments. You are allowed with the jukebox to visit a wall structure of movie addresses, than a list of text message rather. When you select a cover, then you visit a movie details page to learn more about any of it and appearance at the box. If you wish to watch it, just press play from there and away you go.