Once There, SELECT Add/Remove Programs

There are numerous ways to raise the smoothness of your action on PC. It could happen for many people with weaker computer systems to experience an extremely low fps and lagging while doing offers on their PC. Luckily, there are solutions for the ones that don’t want to invest a buck or want to invest very little but still be able to experience a faster and smoother game play. Whenever a computer is purchased by you from a brand, there usually will be a lot of worthless programs like “assistants” that are yet another way of changing your home windows settings.

Those softwares and assistants are actually not necessary while gaming or doing virtually anything else. Some people utilize them because they’re use to it simply, but I would recommend removing it. In addition, it happens to neglect a trial or demo installed on your computer after it’s expired. You can’t utilize it anymore but it’s still there and losing some hard drive space and perhaps slowing down your computer as well.

What you should do is use the next steps to eliminate any ineffective programs or major brand assistants you don’t need or use. Keep your drivers, your cellular assistant, video drivers and your sound assistants/drivers because they may be needed for you computer to perform well. OR WINDOWS 7: Go through the Start button and on the Control Panel.

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Once there, select Add/Remove Programs. You are able to remove any unneeded softwares from here. It’s a guide that will teach you how to remove malwares and viruses (even the ones that slip through a normal antivirus safety) in 4 easy steps. Video card drivers help the computer use your hardware. Most of the right time, installing or upgrading your video card helps having it perform better. Actually, if you didn’t use a recent graphic motorists, you may experience a low performance if the credit card is not a bad one even.

You can install/update your video card’s drivers for free by downloading it the drivers from the card’s manufacturer’s website. For a detailed, step-by-step, clear guide on how to set up drivers, select this link. Cleaning and and performing a defragmentation are two things that needs to be done every once in awhile.

They help your computer running at an optimal speed. To clean your personal computer, there are two things to do. Tidy up your hard drive First. Windows: Click on the Start button/Windows icon and select all programs. Go ahead accessories and then in System Tools. Now select Disk Cleanup and check the files you want to delete. Then, download CCleaner free of charge.

Go on google and look up for ccleaner. It should be the first link. Once you’ve installed it, perform a check out and clean the data files then. You should fix registry errors by moving in the registry tab also, scan for click and mistakes on the fix button. Windows: Click on the Start button/Windows icon and select all programs. Go ahead accessories and then in System Tools. Now select Disk Defragmenter. Scan the hard disks you use to see if you want to defragment them and then defragment them using the Disk Defragmenter if needed. From the tool you can also disable the automated defragmentation.

You don’t want your computer to do it while you play because you want the highest performance. Do not forget to do it every once in awhile though. This is more of a case from Windows Vista and Windows 7 because of the new Windows Aero but also helps with Windows XP.

You can access configurations of your computers that allow to disable needless visual results that can fill the memory. This can help a great deal. You can also turn off the machine protection which can be an automatic system backup option but turning it off is recommended when you can troubleshoot technical problems, if the computer must use a backup. OR WINDOWS 7: Go through the Start button and right-click on My Computer and choose properties. Then go in the Advanced tabs and click on Settings (under performance). Then click on Adjust for best performance and click OK. Click on the System Restore tab. Disable the machine restore.

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