What IS IT POSSIBLE TO Learn From State Farm?

As many of you know from my speaking engagements around the country, I like to discover brands that are using social media in innovative ways. I honor these organizations with the name “SoMe Superstars.” Recent winners include PepsiCo and Moleskine. Today I’d prefer to recognize an organization that’s using social media for recruiting: State Farm.

I like how the insurance company lately rebranded with its smart “Magic Jingle” commercials, alongside funny advertisements featuring everything from falcons to large robots. But the company has continued its transformation with a large push in social interactivity and media as well. First, State Farm has a separate careers Facebook Page with an increase of than 16,000 Likes, featuring lots of interesting content from both corporate communications department and individual agents. Responses to questions and grievances usually come within a day. The page’s admins exceed typical stories of disaster recovery to add posts that are of help to job-seekers, such as asking “What’s the strangest thing you ever sent a recruiter?

” and offering “Methods for networking at holiday parties.” This makes the Page a destination for anyone looking for employment, even outside the insurance field. Second, the State Farm careers site includes eight videos under the title “See For Yourself.” These feature testimonials from agents and employees and great photography of the State Farm headquarters. The ongoing company offers a section called “Meet Our Interns,” with videos, written interviews, and “Advice and Guidance from Real Interns.” This is a robust way to reach out to young people by providing content that’s educational but also fun.

It also shows an awareness that Millenials would prefer to watch a video than reading a long corporate mission declaration. What can you learn from State Farm? First, set up a dedicated professions site, preferably accompanied by a profession’s Facebook Page and Twitter account. Then post content that’s useful to anyone looking for employment, not just posts about how exactly great your organization is.

Offer photos and videos, showing job-seekers what your workplace looks like and what your employees love about working there. And, if you truly want to stick out, invest in something unique like State Farm Nation on Facebook or the revolutionary “Day in the Life” interactive site. For communicating with the talent in smart, fun, and interactive ways, I name State Farm Insurance a SoMe Superstar! For the latest on social mass media, online recruiting, mobile marketing, and other branding trends, please like Brandemix on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group, Your Digital Brand.

For those of you who are not familiar with this little “trick,” it entails anticipating popular misspellings of high-traffic websites to take a small part of their traffic. Basically, users misspell the titles of the websites they are looking for sometimes. Some people utilize this to their advantage, registering a website name like “yuotube.com, “or “faecbook.com” to be able to siphon a little percentage of web traffic from the actual sites.

Personally, I’m not keen on this type of website. At best, it is misleading. At most severe, it can be downright dangerous-even unlawful (some sites have used misspelled names of domain to gather login qualifications from users going to visit the real website). Notice how long users stay on these bogus sites – about 30 seconds or less. So, why play those video games?

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  2. Make sure the Subreddit name is appealing and correlates to your sub
  3. Safe & Secure
  4. Click “Site Information” from the still left hand menu
  5. Internal Memory: 4GB NAND
  6. Install FDA required pixels to your website
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But there’s more to keeping a website visitor than not being misleading. Additionally you want to make sure that your user experience supplies the reverse of what we’ve already been discussing. That is, you need to provide your visitor an enjoyable experience. One of many ways to start is by handling web design.

Poor web site design drives guests away. Look at a site that has many options too. Social Triggers shared a fascinating study of what happens when the audience is given way too many options. On two consecutive Saturdays, a free of charge tasting booth was set up within an upscale supermarket. Saturday On the first, 24 flavors of jam were set out for customers to taste and buy. On the second Saturday, only six of these same jams were made available.

What do you consider the results were? You might believe more jam options means more sales, however the scholarly study found that the contrary was true. When 24 jams were available, 60 percent of the clients stopped for a taste test. But, only 3 percent of the buyers who ended bought some also. When only six jams were available, fewer customers stopped. Only 40 percent tried the jams. But of those who stopped, 30 percent had taken home some jam. So what does this mean for your website? This means a poor design that providing too many options will significantly lower your sales and increase your jump rate. Even something simple like the design can make an enormous difference.